lundi 20 avril 2015

Bootstrap menu navigation breaks for tablet version

I am using bootstrap nav to show menu, In my case my menu will be large with few sub-menus's each having about 10 submenus.

I have set up example on jsbin. For some reason tab & mobile version menu is not showing.

Actual issue I am facing is that this menu doesn't shows all the menu items and even doesn't allow to scroll through all menu items.

How can I make this menu for tab & mobile version scrollable in case it is larger than screen, so that user can scroll through all menu items.

Also I want to show mobile version of menu when screen size is 1199px by default it works at 768px;

Update: This css property from bootstrap class is limiting the menu height, How can I make menu grow with items and add scrollable when menu is larger than screen size (Height)

    max-height: 340px;

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