lundi 20 avril 2015

bootstrap pill not "tabbing" content

I am setting up bootstrap pills on a page and am using the standard formula but I'm getting the function is not a valid function error message. I have:

<ul class="nav nav-pills" role="pilllist" id="myPill">
    <li role="presentation" class="active"><a href="#all" aria-controls="all" role="pill" data-toggle="pill">Show all</a></li>
    <li role="presentation"><a href="#car" aria-controls="car" role="pill" data-toggle="pill">Cars</a></li>

<div class="pill-content">
    <div role="pillbpanel" class="pill-pane active" id="all">Sample of all</div>
    <div role="pillpanel" class="pill-pane" id="car">Sample for car</div>

    $(function () {
        $('#myPill a:last').pill('show')

Why am I getting this error message?

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