dimanche 19 avril 2015

how to make carousel image slightly zoom before the fade transition

i am build a website for a class, and i like the webpage www.sweetgreen.com and their images seem to slightly zoom before the fade transition. i got the fade but its quick and doesnt gracefully do that. i can probably figure that one out though, the slight zoom effect is what i would like to know how to do, i have inspected the element and applied some of the classes with the specifics in my bootstrap stylesheet for my rails app. this is my div

`<div class="item">
<%= link_to image_tag("carousel_img2.jpeg", :size => "1600x200", :alt =>
"Slide2"), {:class => "img-responsive center-block", :alt => "Responsive
image"} %>
<div class="carousel-caption text-center">


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