lundi 20 avril 2015

Prevent bootstrap parent also collapsing the a child collapse?

At the moment, I have two buttons. The parent button when clicked displays stuff and a part of that stuff is another button which too can be clicked to uncollapse.

I want the child to be closed when the parent is opened, however I assume there is a conflict and the child is opening due to the parent. Is there any way I can address both the parent & child collapsible individually?


<button id="smxs-filter-button" type="button" class="smxs-filter-button btn btn-block" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#smxs-filter">

<button id='seemore-button' type='button' class='btn btn-block' data-toggle='collapse' data-target='#seemore'>


EDIT: Here is an example of the issue I have. I require the secondary collapsible to be CLOSED when the parent is opened so that "yoyo" does not show.

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