lundi 20 avril 2015

Understanding Bootstrap and jquery in

So i have just figured out how to download the NuGet packages and i installed the bootstrap and jquery packages, but now im a little lost, when i used bootstrap before, i only had bootstrap.min.js, and the same with the css and my costume ones that i referenced.

so now what is this used for : jquery-2.1.3.intellisense.js ? also what is the npm.js ? it cam with the jquery package.

if anyone could help me understand the .theme and .map correctly for css and the .map for js, that would be great. From what i can gather from what iv read, .Map is used for bootstrap 2* and .theme is just their themes, am i on the right track ?

The Fonts folder, are those automatically used or do they have to be references ? and how are they used ?

heres an image of my folders:

enter image description here

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