dimanche 19 avril 2015

Using a bootstrap treeview and have it call codebehind

Is there a way to use one of the jquery treeview plugins but call events in codebehind? I realize that I'm trying to mix client side and server side.

My rules are very convoluted where depending on what is checked a sibling or even another path can be disabled when a node is checked.

So if the tree looks like:


When somebody clicks on E, F and H would be disabled but G not based on rules. When A is clicked D is disabled.

Unfortunately there is no rule like 'Everything on this level is disabled when a node is checked.' It's all data table driven and there's no 'logical' rules to apply to it.

I also need it to check all parents when a node is checked and when a node is deselected deselect all of the children.

And I need to be able to have people check/uncheck values.

TIA - Jeff.

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