lundi 20 avril 2015

Why are fluid BootStrap3 attributes not shown under a browser inspector

I have been working with Bootstrap3 for a few months now and I have noticed that whenever I use an attribute like container-fluid and row-fluid they are not highlighted under a browser inspector compared to their counterparts container and row. The fluid attributes under the Chrome Inspector points to a div with a width of the parent div in pixels but a height of 0px. Using the Firefox Firebug Inspector plugin whenever I inspect a row-fluid or container-fluid nothing would be highlighted.

I have attached some screenshots of my a simple Bootstrap project I am working on below under the Chrome Inspector. My question is why is this so? Why doesn't the browser recognize the fluid element as any other element with an appropriate height?

Screenshot Using row: Screenshot Using <code>row</code>

Screenshot Using row-fluid:enter image description here

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